Hide A Light

by Old Milwaukee

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Recorded in late August, Old Milwaukee's first EP, "Hide A Light" showcases the band's diverse influences ranging from classic country to 50s/60s era rock and roll and 70s/80s punk rock.


released September 21, 2011

Recorded and mixed by Chris Walldorf (Sioux Sioux Studio);
mastered by Dave Harris (Studio B);
all songs written and recorded by Old Milwaukee (Slade Baird, David Meigs & Adam Phillips);
ivories (and our fancies) tickled by Jon Lindsay;
album art by Adam Phillips;
and endless thanks to our friends who sang with us on "Where Have All the Bad Times Gone?", henceforth known as the Bad Times Choir.



all rights reserved


Old Milwaukee Charlotte, North Carolina

Old Milwaukee is three dudes making hip-shaking rock and roll with influences ranging from the alt-country movement of the last two decades, classic American music of the 50s and 60s and punk of the 70s and 80s. With hook-laden melodies and strong three-part harmonies, fans of Old Milwaukee have likened their sound to everything from Hank Williams to Elvis Costello to the Pixies. ... more

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Track Name: Where Have All the Bad Times Gone?
maybe time fucked up
cuz you got lost growin' up
still ain't got sense enough to fill your coffee cup
but if you got the acumen
to lock horns and shake hands good
it's the sweet by and by
or else you eat more shit before you drink that wine

i'm not a sucker but i play one in real life
got pockets full of magical beans
i'm prob'ly dyin' from cirrhosis of the liver
great god almighty, let me drown in whiskey river

where have all the bad times gone?
not to tempt fate or to be an ingrate
but where have all the bad times gone?
i used to feel like i invented disappointment
where have all the bad times gone?

it's always love, love, love
if you can wait long enough
then it's that old junkie two-step
and cheap domestic stuff
i've got these newfound positive vibrations in my psyche
and this strange little smile
and people really seem to like me
and i'm profoundly tired

bewusstseinslage obscured my mental outlook
then johnny took his gun and went home
still, sometimes i miss the comfort of the shadows
how am i to hide this little light without my bushel?
Track Name: Oh, Easy Rider
alarm clock says, “good morning!!!!”
a pounding in my head
need to find that dog that bit me
i gotta go to work instead
sleepwalkin' through the day shift
dreaming about tonight
gwine see my easy rider
she'll make me feel alright

bust ass to earn a dollar
adulthood was a trap
time to make the doughnuts
comb-over, heart attack
something sweet to chase the kool-aid ™
some time with you alone
oh, easy rider, let me ride you home

mediocre corporate restaurant
cheap domestic wine
we gravitate toward what we hate
for some folks that's just fine
but if you do me right
i'd do you no wrong
oh, easy rider, ride me all night long
Track Name: Love's Made a Fool Out of Me
here comes that old feelin'
says, “hey how you been?”
love's made a fool out of me
just stopped by to size up the shape that I'm in
love's made a fool out of me

they say it's all you need and they're probably right
but it's also got teeth and it knows how to bite
now I'm licking my wounds and i'm too weak to fight

the bottle's no answer but it's a fine place to hide
now I'm covered and safe so here's mud in your eye
i pray thee, sweet jesus, in fact i downright insist
you grant the strength and the courage just to
get me through this
but I'd trade 'em to the devil
just for one more sweet kiss

we had a good life and we were so close
as to almost be kin
but we were perfect and someone had to pay for that sin and I'll love her forever and never again
Track Name: This Old Girl
this old girl keeps haunting me
from where i left her in the past
she keeps threatening she's coming back
and this time it will last
and i hope these memories of her
and her strawberry curls
won't deceive as i romanticize
and long for this old girl

this old girl keeps haunting me
when i wallow in regret
she might be hours away from here
but what did i expect
and it hurts me to remember
when she used to be my fan
and i know i need that old girl
but does she need this old man?

this old girl won't let me be
she gets a kick out of my pain
i can't take back what i did to her
and she won't leave my brain
if i try my damnedest i might win
my life won't come unfurled
i'm deceived as i romanticize
and long for this old girl